Posted by: Morgan | August 23, 2011

Casting call

On Wednesday night I having a casting call/ audition night at the Arts and Culture centre for my short zombie film called “Cheesy B Zombie film”. I am very excited about this. It is my first casting call for the largest film that I have done yet. I will require about 80 people to make this film possible. Since it is my first time doing this and doing almost 100% of it on my own, I am a little worried that things will not go that smoothly. It is going to be hard to coordinate that many people for the filming schedule that we need but I am sure it will work out 🙂

Posted by: Morgan | July 26, 2011

Medical procedure

I had surgery yesterday. My waterproof dressing is already falling a part. A chunk of it just dropped off and I can’t get it back together. It was suppose to stay on for 48 hours. Oops 😦

Posted by: Morgan | July 22, 2011

ROD season 3

Yesterday I spent most of the day on set of Republic of Doyle. Season 3 episode 3. I play a criminal AGAIN. I am at the police station talking to a cop. I was in a second scene but was removed after being hit by the camera during not of the takes. The hallway was too narrow for both me and the camera guy so I had to leave. Oh well. At least I got to reprise my role from last season. Look for me in a green plaid shirt. Also, we hung out at the set of the Duke most of the day when we were not shooting. Very cool. One last thing, ROD really knows how to feed the cast and crew. The catering company did an amazing job with the stuffed chicken dinner.


Posted by: Morgan | June 1, 2011

Sad start to my day

Yesterday morning started off like any Tuesday morning. I woke up and got ready for work, I pit on my tie and for the garbage ready for pickup. Then as I opened the door to leave my house I noticed a mess on the front step. Some animal had attacked and killed the family of birds that have been living in my Christmas wreath hanging on the porch wall. I was shocked at first as I ties to piece what had happened. The 4 babies and mother were just laying there motionless and the mother had her heart ripped out and it was next to her. This made me very sad as I had become very attached to them as I watched the progress from nest to eggs to hatching. The day before the attack I was watching the babies chirping away. They were very cute. I suspect a crow that was hanging around was re cause of it. I berried the mother and 4 baby birds in the woods in the front of my house. It was a sad day indeed.


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